Moved to Athens in 2004, graduated university in 2009. Started yoga in 2008 and fell in love at once, started pilates in 2011 and cured her back, as a kid wanted it to be a singer, heartbroken many times, being loved even more, giving up once but trying a thousand times, fighting laziness and being late, helping others and accept being helped, volunteer when possible, collecting memories and shells from allover the world, sharing the knowledge and learn new things, trying to be sweet and polite but still feels anger and fear sometimes.


Music, healthy food, challenges, fruits, sun, people,workout, jokes, rivers, action, theatre, seas, piano, cooking, cuddling, fooling around, bazaars, hot baths, ski, cats, forests, sunsets, bikes, brainstorming, museums, travel, pineapples, tea, freedom, seeking, hard decisions (especially that one), sales, gratefulness, my teachers, fails, books, warmth, swimming, photographs, doors, islands, motorcycles, love, singing, laughing, sharing, giving, living.

what yoga is to me

Have a brief reading on what Yoga means to me and why i love it.


Some of the reasons why i believe Pilates are beneficial in many levels.


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